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Stank Stop ® Deodorant



    Have you been looking for a Natural Deodorant that ACTUALLY WORKS?!?! Well, your search is over...

    Introducing STANK STOP™!

    Did you know that substances found in most commercial deodorants, like aluminum, preservatives and fragrances, have been linked to things like cancer and infertility? Since our deodorant doesn't contain any of this nastiness, you can feel confident that you're protecting yourself against environmental toxins! Also, aluminum is what creates those lovely yellow stains in the armpits of your shirts.....G-Ross! No Thanks!

    So we've combined the antibacterial properties of Organic Coconut Oil with the odor absorbing power of Aluminum-Free Baking Soda to create this Kick a$$, all natural deodorant! We've also thrown in some Grass Fed Tallow and Shea Butter, to moisturize those pits and give them the love that they deserve! The arrowroot powder helps to soak up extra sweat while you workout and release all those toxins! And the essential oils not only make it smell good, but they also help it work (did you know that Clary Sage essential oil has been found to help reduce excessive sweating??) We also use Zinc Oxide which works naturally with your body to reduce the amount you perspire.

    ***PLEASE NOTE that this product is NOT an Antiperspirant. It will NOT stop you from sweating. But don't fret, because sweating is actually GOOD for you! It's completely natural, and is a very important part of our body's detoxification process! ***

    We use only the highest quality ingredients in our Stank Stop. This includes organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic arrowroot powder, organic essential oils, and tallow from grass-fed, pastured cows.

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply about a pea-size dollop directly to your underarm. Rub it in until it is absorbed completely and go-about your day, stank free!

    REAL INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil*, Arrowroot Powder*, Shea Butter*, Organic Tallow from GrassFed Cows, Aluminum Free Baking Soda, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Beeswax, Essential Oils of Lavender* & Clary Sage*.

    *Denotes an Organic Ingredient

    All of our essential oils are sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs.

    (Some oil separation may occur in very hot weather. Should this happen, place jar in refrigerator for 30 minutes to re-solidify.)

    Please take care as to not get any moisture/water into the jar. All of our products contain No Preservatives, so introducing moisture to the product can create an environment that is conducive to bacteria and mold growth. Always wash your hands thoroughly before using the product, and replace lid tightly to maintain freshness.

    SHELF LIFE: For maximum benefits, please use within 6 Months of opening.

    Store in a cool, dry place, and out of direct sunlight. Consistency will change with temperature. If your Stank Stop is exposed to warmth, please place it in the refrigerator and allow it to re-solidify. But don't worry, this change in consistency will never alter the product's effectivity.

    AVAILABILITY: All of our products are made by hand in small batches to ensure maximum freshness. Please allow up to a week for your delivery to arrive.

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    1. Love This Stuff!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jun 2015

      Since giving up "traditional" deodorant, I have tried numerous natural brands. Some smelled great in the packaging but did little to make ME smell great, others irritated my skin, other "natural" brands had so many ingredients I couldn't pronounce! Within the first use of Stank Stop, I knew I found a winner. I applied some before my CrossFit class on a hot day in August and was pleasantly surprised to have NO stank after the class! I can apply in the morning and will still be stank free by the evening. The ingredients seem to nourish my skin and make it smoother. Stank Stop for life!

    2. Love This Stuff!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jun 2015

      Since giving up "traditional" deodorant, I have tried numerous natural brands. Some smelled great in the packaging but did little to make ME smell great, others irritated my skin, other "natural" brands had so many ingredients I couldn't pronounce! Within the first use of Stank Stop, I knew I found a winner. I applied some before my CrossFit class on a hot day in August and was pleasantly surprised to have NO stank after the class! I can apply in the morning and will still be stank free by the evening. The ingredients seem to nourish my skin and make it smoother, no itching! Stank Stop for life!

    3. Love Love Love This Product!!  star rating

      Posted by Nicole Rood on 23rd Jun 2015

      I have a internal thermostat that I swear is 10 degrees hotter than normal peope, been like this my whole life!! Needless to say I feel sweaty and smelly.. ALOT :( I would buy this product in a gallon container if I could because it WORKS that well!!! I've given some little samples to friends and they are also pleased with it!! The new formula is great, I didn' t know the first batch I got wasn't suppose to be so crumbly, so I am loving this new, smoother formula!!

    4. Works BETTER Than "Traditional" Antiperspirants / Deodorants  star rating

      Posted by Jill K on 23rd Jun 2015

      Before using Stank Stop:
      - I bet this won't really work
      - It seems expensive
      - I'll keep my old antiperspirant / deodorant ... just in case

      After using Stank Stop:
      - I can't f****** believe this works so well! My pits and clothes have never smelled so good (husband agrees). Bonus: washing my pits is so easy now - no waxy residue/funk.
      - I would happily pay TWICE the price
      - I will never use traditional antiperspirant / deodorant again EVER

    5. Naturally Odor Free  star rating

      Posted by Roseann on 23rd Jun 2015

      I hadn't had any issue using commercial deodorants, but my husband was breaking out on a regular basis with a rash in his armpits, from commercial stuff. I ordered this for him to try, and so far it's working well for him. I decided to start using it, because I am trying to reduce the amount of chemicals and additives I use on my skin.
      This stuff works, and works well, for me. I can work out, sweating profusely, and there is no body odor. I will continue to purchase this, as it is a welcome change from the commercially available chemical pit sticks.

    6. Minimal Irritation!  star rating

      Posted by LESLIE on 23rd Jun 2015

      The stank is stopped! And redness and irritation be gone! I have been using this product for a week and I am happy to say my pits are less irritated! The redness started to subside. I do get itchy from time to time but I figure that's the nature of sodium bicarbonate. I've used natural deodorants for 3 years and have made my own, and this product is by far the best. I also like how the consistency of the deodorant is whipped so when you put it on its nice and smooth! Also a bonus my pits are more supple! Go figure, must be the tallow! Thank you for this product and for finding ya'll on Instagram! ;)

    7. Stank Be Gone! Sweating Too.  star rating

      Posted by Jen H. on 23rd Jun 2015

      I'm pretty much obsessed with this stuff. I used Secret for YEARS and found that I kinda smelled at the end of the day and it would ruin the pits of my shirts. I started using Stank Stop, admittedly skeptical that it wouldn't stand up to my perspiration. Not only do I smell nice all day (sniff test approved) but I don't sweat like I used to. Amen to that!! Stank stop lifer here.

    8. One Application!  star rating

      Posted by Cameo Pierce on 23rd Jun 2015

      So I ordered the sample size, because I am the biggest skeptic ever, especially after trying 2 billion natural deodorants. Everything I tried had one, or both issues. Either a) it made my underarms as red as a cherry tomato and/or b) I would be soaking wet (gross, sorry!) and have the need to re-apply every HOUR OR SO to avoid wiping out the population. Don't even get my started on how bad it was after a WOD. I don't ahve either issue with SS! I love it and am ordering full size!

    9. The Stank Has Been Stopped  star rating

      Posted by Krista on 23rd Jun 2015

      To start, I am one of those blessed women who SWEATS and STANKS. I have avoided buying white T-shirts for the sheer fact that the armpits will soon be discolored and awkward. I'm not just talking about when I workout. I sweat (and I mean SWEAT) when sitting in my car, talking on the phone to my mother, and waiting for my food to arrive when dining out. I've literally had many people in my life point out the fact that I do have a pretty intimate relationship with perspiration and the accompanying odor.
      I wanted to wait several weeks before assessing my general reaction, and, as I had hoped, this product did not disappoint. At first, I was hesitant to order mainly because of the price. After determing that the clinical strength deodorant in stores is roughly $10-$12 for what I believe is 1.7oz, I took the plunge with my fingers crossed. I posted on Instagram my pride with the packaging labeled, "BEEFFATRULES," which, duh, it absofreakinglutely does.
      I digress. Bottom line, I love it. I have literally purchased three white T-shirts since owning this deodorant. Now, when I'm sweating bodies of water at crossfit or when carrying light conversation, I know I'm protected. Literally, I can't smell the stank... because it's not there. I love the ingredients, and I love that the creators actually seem to give a crap about their products and clientele! Long live the stank stop!! I will be a repeat consumer.

    10. Best Stank Stopper I've Found  star rating

      Posted by Stephanie on 23rd Jun 2015

      It lasts all day, even lasts throufh my workouts!! I love this stuff. Makes me feel good knowing it's a much healthier alternative to conventional store bought deodorant. Congratulations to making an exceptional product!!

    11. A POWERFUL Natural Deodorant  star rating

      Posted by Gionni on 23rd Jun 2015

      I came across Fat Face Skincare and I was very interested in the natural deodorant. I had tried others in the past, but smelled rather unpleasant halfway through the day. Well, not with Stank Stop! I can honestly say this lasts all day and I would only need to reapply when going to bed. It doesn't irritate my armpits and I can't wait for my husband to start using the men's since he has sensitive skin. Awesome product! I'm so happy to be rid of the nasty ingredients in regular deodorant.

    12. Stops The Stank And Makes Me Happy  star rating

      Posted by Lisa on 23rd Jun 2015

      It's true.. it's not antiperspirant, but it definitely does the job and stops the stankiness. I've tried lots (and I do mean LOTS) of natural deodorants, and this is by far the best smelling and most effective. You've got a customer for life with me!

    13. The Absolute Best  star rating

      Posted by Constance on 23rd Jun 2015

      Ok...I've tried them all and NONE of them compare to this stuff!!!!!! U will sweat...but that's ok...u r supposed to...I think I even sweat less...but U WONT STANK!!!!!! Seriously....uh..maz..ing!

    14. It Truly Works!  star rating

      Posted by RunnerJudy on 23rd Jun 2015

      I am a nearly 60 y.o. mom of 4 and grandma who has been athletic my entire life, so... I perspire! I've tried every natural deodorant out there and had been forced to using a "regular" brand because nobody thinks a smelly old lady is just quirky.

      First of all, I was impressed at how little of the Stank Stop (still cringe at the name!) is needed and I anticipate the 2 oz tub will last for quite a while. More importantly, this product does the job! I decided to push the envelope and skipped the shower for a couple of days--I had no odor even on the third day despite regular workouts. I am 100% satisfied!

    15. NO MORE STANK!  star rating

      Posted by Chelsea on 23rd Jun 2015

      Okay so not to be too TMI, but the first day I used stank stop, I was at school ALL DAY (literally from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm). I came home exhausted and was getting ready to shower, when I realized there was no stank! haha I even smelt my shirt and nope, nothin. That is the moment that this stuff was GOLD!!

    16. Obsessed  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jun 2015

      This is the first time I have ever tried a deodorant like this and I have to say that I was skeptical at first. I have tried the expensive deodorants out there and none of them work as well as this does. I apply in the morning after showering and I am odor free all day. I go to Crossfit at 5:00 am each weekday morning and I do not apply any stank stop beforehand. All I have on is whatever is left from the previous day. I have absolutely no odor at all after my WOD's. I will not be without this stuff.

    17. The Most Amazing Deodorant!  star rating

      Posted by Julia Randall on 23rd Jun 2015

      FINALLY--This is the first deodorant I've found that meets all of my requirements! Moisturizes, covers stinky smells, and lasts all day, including through workouts!!! Brief background: I have super sensitive skin-most commercial deodorants made my skin break out. When I did finally find one I could tolerate, it dried out my skin to the point of discoloration. Other "natural" deodorants did not sufficiently cover up smelliness and I found myself getting super frustrated. I'm so glad I finally found stank stop, it worked on all three fronts and I just love the smell.

    18. LOVE IT  star rating

      Posted by Briana on 23rd Jun 2015

      This is the ONLY natural deodorant that I've found to consistently work for me and I have tried A LOT.

    19. Awesome Natural Solution  star rating

      Posted by Angela H. on 23rd Jun 2015

      I started with a sample of this product because I was very nervous to try a natural deodorant. I was surprised to find that while it is not an antiperspirant, the ingredients definitely absorb or prevent a lot of sweat. I can definitely tell when I do not use enough of the product, but as long as I use the right amount, I am stank free and do not notice unneccesary sweating. The true test will be how long the 2oz last for me. For the price, I am hoping to get at least 2-3 months out of it, but if it runs out earlier, I will have to find an alternative solution.

    20. No Stank At All!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jun 2015

      I have tried multiple other "natural" deodorants. They either didn't work, were flaky or had a bad smell. This stuff works....and I sweat...a lot! I do crossfit/weightlifting 6 days a week and this stuff stops me from stankin' thus stops me from loosing friends. I am hooked! Great product with great ingredients. Oh I also have very sensitive skin especially right after I shave and this stuff is so gentle and smooth my pits have no irritation. Two thumbs up!

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