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Body Butta - Moisturizing & Calming 4oz.


    Looking for 8oz jar? Buy Body Butta - Moisturizing & Calming 8oz. here and save $6.


    "I'm gonna rub some beef fat on my legs!" said no one, ever. UNTIL NOW!

    Did you know that Tallow from grass-fed cows is super high in omega-3 and CLA??? And that it's rich in nutrients that plant-based oils do not possess? The list goes on and on. This stuff ROCKS! So we combined it with tons of other natural oils and butters, and created this Awesome, NATURAL moisturizer! You're going to love it.

    This decadent moisturizer will leave your skin Healthy and Happy!

    We've infused this formula with Essential Oils of Lavender & Sage (which are known for their calming, relaxing effects) as well as Magnesium Oil. Magnesium Oil is a mineral that is very much linked to the de-activation of adrenaline. If your body is low in magnesium, it most likely affects your sleep cycle. Therefore, supplementing topically with magnesium oil at night can help your body wind down and help you catch some ZZZ's !

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Using dry fingers, apply generously to any part of your body that could use a little more Moisture!

    Please take care as to not get any moisture/water into the jar. All of our products contain No Preservatives, so introducing moisture to the product can create an environment that is conducive to bacteria and mold growth. Always wash your hands thoroughly before using the product, and replace lid tightly to maintain freshness.

    REAL INGREDIENTS: Organic Tallow from GrassFed Cows, Coconut Oil*, Shea Butter*, Cocoa Butter*, Mango Butter, Almond Oil*, Aloe Vera Butter*, Avocado Butter*, Avocado Oil*, Vegetable Glycerine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Magnesium Oil, Beeswax*, Essential Oils of Lavender* and Clary Sage*.

    *Denotes an Organic Ingredient

    All of our essential oils are sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs.

    SHELF LIFE: For maximum benefits, please use within 6 Months of opening.

    Store in a cool, dry place, and out of direct sunlight.  Consistency will change with temperature.  If your Body Butta is exposed to warmth, please place it in the refrigerator and allow it to re-solidify. But don't worry, this change in consistency will never alter the product's effectivity.

    AVAILABILITY: All of our products are made by hand in small batches to ensure maximum freshness. Please allow up to a week for your delivery to arrive.

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    1. It smells amazing!  star rating

      Posted by Sara on 8th Apr 2015

      I ordered a small sample size of this body butta for my colleague who suffers from psoriasis. She absolutely loves it! It hasn't yet completely cleared her psoriasis, but it definitely helped. She raves about how great it smells all the time!

    2. What the doc should have ordered: Body Butta once a night  star rating

      Posted by Lindsay on 9th Mar 2015

      I wanted to write and thank you for such an awesome product!! I’ve been consistently using your calming Body Butta once a night for the past month and I no longer have my itchy, red, nasty eczema patches on my elbows, ankles, knees, and calf! It really only took like a week for it to disappear. It definitely beats having to go to the doctor to get a Rx for high dose steroid ointments.

    3. SO GOOD!  star rating

      Posted by Ashlea on 25th Feb 2015

      Love this stuff! I use it at night before bed to help calm me down and prepare my body for sleep. The lavender and magnesium do a wonderful job of helping my body wind down and I've noticed that, in addition to setting a bedtime routine and powering down electronics, that this stuff really helps me get a good restful nights sleep. My skin is so much softer and hydrated since using it and I've noticed that previous patches of eczema that I've been trying to get rid of forever with prescription drugs, lotions, and creams, have disappeared. It is a little pricier than normal drug store products, but the quality of the ingredients make it worth it. Plus a little goes a long way. I mix it with my virgin coconut oil to help make it last longer and easier to smooth over my skin. Great product!

    4. New favorite lotion  star rating

      Posted by JoDee Brenzo on 23rd Feb 2015

      I received my Body Butta order the same day I received a pretty bad sun burn. Thankfully this product soothed the itching and burning. It also prevented my skin from drying and peeling over the next couple days! The smell is aslo wonderful.

    5. Natural Softness in the Round  star rating

      Posted by Barb Miles on 9th Feb 2015

      This is an excellent product for my sensitive skin as it absorbs, softens and stays soft all day!

    6. Best body product I ever love !  star rating

      Posted by Mei on 8th Feb 2015

      I don't like regular body lotion because of the texture and the sticking feelings.
      I've tried one body butter before but it's no way like this!!!
      A little is all you need!
      Love the smell and texture.

      The only cons is too pricey.
      Hope it can be cheaper.

    7. AMAZING! Feels great to apply, feels great on!  star rating

      Posted by Victoria on 28th Dec 2014

      My skin feels itchy once I hop out of the shower, but since using my body butter, upon application my skin no longer feels itchy. It's so moisturizing and might I add, very easy to apply! It also doesn't give an oily residue which is GREAT!
      Thanks FAT FACE!!

    8. your skin will never be happier  star rating

      Posted by adriane marie on 22nd Dec 2014

      I love this body butter. It sits on my desk at work and my dresser at home. The smell is so relaxing, i love opening the jar and just smelling it. Your skin feels so deeply nourished after using this product...great for dry winter skin:)

    9. Love love it!  star rating

      Posted by Carrie on 20th Dec 2014

      The only hand lotion/butter that has healed my dry cuticles! And not having to worry about toxic ingredients when you touch things is a major bonus!

    10. Great moisturizer for kids (and me)!  star rating

      Posted by Michaela on 17th Dec 2014

      I love this product for my almost 2 year old because he always sticks his fingers in any lotion I'm applying and put them on his cheeks, in his mouth, etc. This product is basically edible so I don't have to worry, ha! Plus it really helps calm the rough patches on his cheeks in the winter. I don't know if we're storing it in too cold of a room but the jar I just got doesn't seem as smooth as previous jars I've purchased. Still an amazing product!

    11. Hope for elbows?!  star rating

      Posted by Liz on 15th Dec 2014

      So far, I love this body butter, it smells heavenly like cocoa to me and feels great on skin. The consistency in my jar was slightly "chunkier" than what appears int he photo but maybe it's the temperature. I'm hoping that consistent use of this on my elbows will cure me of rough elbow syndrome. I'd say after just a few weeks they are maybe 25% smoother? So i will report back with final results soon!

    12. Improved Sleep  star rating

      Posted by Michele on 18th Oct 2014

      I love the moisturizing and calming body butta for its smell, texture and feeling. Lately I've been using it on my feet and wearing socks to bed, and I definitely feel like my sleep has improved.

    13. Body Buttah is Bettah!  star rating

      Posted by T. Wills on 22nd Sep 2014

      Gosh. This stuff is amazing. I have been using straight coconut oil, and maybe sometimes a little Lavendar essential oil with it for a couple of years now. It was the best thing I could find for scars, wrinkles and dry skin. Until this, this Body Buttah blows even that out of the water. Maybe it's the tallow, but it is so creamy and dreamy and smells absolutely wonderful. It is my favorite for my stomach, neck, heels and any other delegate skin I want to moisturize. It's a new staple and fave in my bathroom and purse!

    14. Has helped with some scars! (Great moisturizer, too!)  star rating

      Posted by Betsy on 19th Sep 2014

      So I've been using the Body Butta since my first small tub arrived about a month ago as my daily body moisturizer. And I've recently begun dry brushing. (Making all sorts of life changes over here...been slowly but surely moving to a more green, more paleo, more healthy lifestyle in all facets of my life.)

      Annnnnnnyway, I noticed this morning that a bunch of scars I had on my legs from a bad fall several years back have improved. Considerably. They are no longer angry pink scars, but now have faded to barely noticeable light/white scars. I truly believe it was the combination of your Body Butta and the dry brushing. Fantastic, powerhouse combo!

      So thank you! It was a pleasant surprise/bonus to find that my switch to a healthier moisturizer also helped with some scars.

    15. My dry skin loves this body butta!  star rating

      Posted by Katelyn Davis on 2nd Sep 2014

      I have always ALWAYS had very dry skin. Can't go a day without applying lotion unless I want cracked, chapped, tight-feeling skin. So I used to use Gold Bond ultimate healing lotion. I know it's full of toxic ingredients, but it was the only thing that really worked for me. Until I found this! The body butta is totally amazing. It feels so good when I put it on (and smells great) and my skin is hydrated and smooth all day long. I don't know what I'd do without it! My dry spots and chapped skin are things of the past!

    16. Feels great!  star rating

      Posted by Elisabeth on 25th Jul 2014

      Got my products a few days ago and I am loving them! Face is still adjusting, but feels great!

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