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Myrrhaculous Face Cream 2oz.


    Looking for 1oz jar? Buy Myrrhaculous Face Cream 1oz. here.


    "I'm gonna rub some beef fat on my face!" said no one, ever. UNTIL NOW! Did you know that Tallow from grass-fed cows is super high in omega-3 and CLAs (Conjugated Linoleic Acids)??? And that it's rich in nutrients that plant-based oils do not possess? The list goes on and on. This stuff ROCKS! So I combined it with tons of other natural oils and butters, and created this Awesome, NATURAL facial moisturizer! You're going to love it.

    This blend contains essential oils that are calming and relaxing…perfect for use before bed! Use this over top of the Face Oil for an amazingly nourishing night regimen!

    And remember, a little goes a Long Way!

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Scoop out about a pea-size drop and massage into your skin, being careful to avoid the eye area.

    Please take care as to not get any moisture/water into the jar. All of our products contain No Preservatives, so introducing moisture to the product can create an environment that is conducive to bacteria and mold growth. Always wash your hands thoroughly before using the product, and replace lid tightly to maintain freshness.

    REAL INGREDIENTS: Organic Tallow from GrassFed Cows, Coconut Oil*, Shea Butter*, Jojoba Oil*, Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Beeswax, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Borage Oil*, Moringa Oil*, Argan Oil*, Essential Oils of Lavender* and Myrrh**.

    *Denotes an Organic Ingredient

    **Wild Harvested.

    All of our essential oils are sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs.

    ***PLEASE NOTE that this product contains Myrrh essential oil. It is advised that women do not use this oil (or products containing this oil) during pregnancy, as it can act as a uterine stimulant. 

    SHELF LIFE: For maximum benefits, please use within 6 Months of opening.

    Store in a cool, dry place, and out of direct sunlight. Consistency will change with temperature. If your Face Cream is exposed to warmth, please place it in the refrigerator and allow it to re-solidify. But don't worry, this change in consistency will never alter the product's effectivity.

    AVAILABILITY: All of our products are made by hand in small batches to ensure maximum freshness. Please allow up to a week for your delivery to arrive.

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    1. Unbelievably good stuff.  star rating

      Posted by Sarah E on 16th Feb 2015

      The product is creamy and smooth, absorbs cleanly (not greasy at all!), smells nice, and above all, works. Period. My skin is smoother, has better texture and tighter pores, less blackheads, and just a more beautiful appearance. I can't say enough wonderful things about this incredible product. I recommend it to everyone who will listen!

    2. Absolutely Amazing  star rating

      Posted by Erin Elizabeth on 15th Feb 2015

      I love this product, and I was hooked after one application. I would describe this cream as more of a salve. It is very thick, but it goes on smoothly and quickly. When the direction say to use a pea sized amount, that is the truth. Normally when directions indicate such a small amount, I end up using at least a quarter size; however, with this product a pea-size is all that is needed.

      I have never had huge skin issues other than sensitive and extremely dry skin. I have used many creams from other companies, but my skin always felt tight (even in the summer). This product finally changed that. My skin feels soft, hydrated, and the tone is also improved to be more glowing and clear. I am extremely happy!

      I live in Minnesota, and I am a runner even in the cold winter months (think around negative temps with a wind chill), and this product even protects my face on those cold runs.

      I have only been using this product for about a week or so, and I have already recommended it to loads of friends. I did not have any "adjustment" reactions to this product, but it has only been a week for me. However, I would suffer through any adjustment period just to have my face FEEL this great!

      I highly recommend this product.

    3. 1 week in feels great  star rating

      Posted by Mary on 5th Feb 2015

      1 week of use so far. My skin is dry and oily and this cream doesn't leave me oily feeling and helps dryness. Dry patches a lot better.
      Downside is getting in bed right away gets this stuff on your pillow, and you end up with oily hair. That's fine for long haired girls, but my short hair just looks greasy next day. Will have to put it on must sooner than bedtime.

    4. heaven in a jar  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 26th Jan 2015

      I used this for the first time several months ago, then tried another paleo friendly brand for comparison. No comparison for my dry skin! I have a thyroid disease and am prone to bouts of super dry flaky skin. This cream totally takes care of that!

    5. love this stuff!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 8th Jan 2015

      Great texture, blends well into skin. Very hydrating and has improved my skins appearance.

    6. Great product, small package.  star rating

      Posted by Matthew on 1st Jan 2015

      I am loving this product as a natural alternative to the water and preservative-filled creams you will find in stores. I have noticed an improvement in the health of my skin over the past month while using this cream in my nighttime routine. The only thing that I would like to see is a larger size. A 3 or 4 oz. size would be great.

    7. Light as a feather but packs a powerful punch!  star rating

      Posted by Adrienne (the primal nurse) on 15th Dec 2014

      I initially bought the 1 oz jar to make sure I didn't react and to make sure my skin would like it. I have always had to moisturize with heavy creams since my face was so dry from Eczema. This stuff glides on so smooth, that a little really does go a long way! My skin eats up the nourishing oils and beef tallow it so desperately wants and needs! I use this every night and give it about an hour or two to really soak in, I don't want to loose it all to my pillow! Wonderful stuff!

    8. I wanted to like it...  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 15th Dec 2014

      Great ingredients, great reviews...but they don't list the essential oils. I react to lavender! I was so excited to try this product out, unfortunately the one night I did I awoke the next morning to a face full of tiny red bumps!! I wish they had specified lavender :(. Now I'm stuck with a full jar of a product that I react to. Not to deter other shoppers, but just in case there are any other folks out there who's skin doesn't dig lavender. Soooo bummed.

    9. All Natural Heaven!  star rating

      Posted by Liz on 15th Dec 2014

      I cannot live without moisturizer and this one takes the cake. So think and creamy but not greasy. A little goes a loooong way and I feel so good in my skin that I've stopped using all over foundation and just use concealer! My skin looks that good :)

    10. Happy Wife Happy Life  star rating

      Posted by Sam on 15th Dec 2014

      Bought this for my wife she has been using Fat Face for months using the cleansing Oil. These are great stocking stuffers for all the lovely ladies in your life.

    11. Myrrhaculous Face Cream - LOVE IT!  star rating

      Posted by jennatodd on 15th Dec 2014

      I just ordered a 2 oz. container of FatFace myrrhaculous face cream because my 1 oz is almost gone and I did NOT want to run out. I use a tiny amount of face cream at night, after cleansing with normal face oil and after applying 1/2 dropperful of myrrhaculous face oil. I apply the myrrhaculous face cream to my face, neck and the middle of my chest to help with any issues there - wrinkles, dryness, age spots, etc. My face feels a little oily or what I like to call "not dry" after applying before going to bed. ps - after I am done applying when my hands might have a little bit of oil and cream on them, I have been rubbing it into a little eczema patch on my hand and it is practically gone after 3 nights. Myrrhaculous face cream - not just for the face. LOVE IT!

    12. 10 Stars should be an option!  star rating

      Posted by Jenna @be_beautifully_healthy on 29th Nov 2014

      I can't wait to wash my face and apply this cream on afterward! Everyday I look forward to using my FatFace skincare. My husband loves this cream too. This is the product that you have been searching for! Forget all those fancy shmansy over priced chemically laden department store products, your miracle cream is right here! My face says to me everyday, thank you! And in return it responds with a glowing happy face!! They have samples, so what are you waiting for?

    13. Love, love, love  star rating

      Posted by Leticia on 9th Oct 2014

      Seriously the best face cream I've ever used. As I've reached my mid thirties and had two babies, I've found my skin to be far different than it used to be. I've tried other "natural" products and nothing seems to nourish my skin properly, or it just ends up feeling like there's some strange layer of synthetic goo on my face. FatFace has done it again with their face cream, it goes on light, hydrates, and leaves my skin glowing. I can see a huge difference in the health and warmth in my skin, and am regaining the confidence to go without makeup. Love!

    14. Amazing!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 6th Sep 2014

      This cream sinks right into your skin and keeps your face glowing all day. It's not greasy at all. Love. Love.

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