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    Are you looking for a multi-purpose stick that you can carry with you anywhere to help combat dryness ?
    FAT STICK to the RESCUE!
    We created the FAT STICK because we wanted a go-anywhere-do-anything product!
    - Bring it skiing to combat dry, chapped lips!
    - Apply it to rough, dry patches on your face where the winter wind has left it's mark!
    - Dry, rough elbows or knees? rub a little FAT STICK on them and Presto! They're gone!
    - Cuticles feeling dry and cracked? rub a little FAT STICK on them to leave them moisturized and healthy! Same with dry, cracked heels!
    It's a lip balm, cuticle repair, and lotion stick  ALL IN ONE!
    And this stick isn't called FAT for no reason! Where other chapstick usually comes in a wimpy little 0.15oz tube, our FAT STICK comes in a HUGE 0.5oz tube! This tube ise 1" in diameter and almost 3" long! 
    We used essential oils of Lavender and Peppermint, which we think smells a bit like chocolate ;-)




    Directions: Apply the FAT STICK to any part of your body that you think could use a bit more moisture!



    REAL INGREDIENTS: Beeswax, Coconut Oil*, Shea Butter*, Cocoa Butter*, Tallow from Grass Fed Cows, Almond Oil*, Kukui Nut Oil, Olive Oil*, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Essential Oils of Peppermint* and Lavender*.

    *Denotes an Organic Ingredient.

    All of our essential oils are sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs.


    SHELF LIFE: 6 Months

    AVAILABILITY: Usually ships within 2 days.

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    1. The BEST!  star rating

      Posted by Ashlea on 25th Feb 2015

      This is by far my new favorite lip balm! It hydrates my lips like nothing I've ever used before. Unlike traditional chopsticks/balms I don't find myself reapplying all day long. Maybe just 2-3 times a day, if that, and my lips stay hydrated, soft, and supple all day. Best thing is that this stick is not just great for lips. I've found myself using it to moisturize dry spots on my hands after being out in the cold or even on my face. It also smells great and the peppermint gives leaves you with a nice cooling sensation.It's all purpose, huge, and worth every penny! Grab one!

    2. LOVE IT!  star rating

      Posted by Michele on 25th Feb 2015

      I'm glad this isn't tinted because I'd look like a clown! I slather it all over my lips and around my lips, and for the first winter in a long time, my lips aren't chapped. I just bought two more to stash in various pockets. The scent is also yummy.

    3. LOVE!  star rating

      Posted by Katie on 20th Feb 2015

      This is the best multitasking product! I love to use it for my dry chapped lips but it works great for those extra dry areas on your face , hands, or wherever else. I love the scent too, but most of all I love that I know exactly what is going on to my body.

    4. love this little (big) guy  star rating

      Posted by jane on 20th Feb 2015

      what a great idea! a giant chapstick. mostly i use it to go over the backs of my hands while i'm at work when i don't want the rest of me (especially my palms) getting greasy. the stick makes this possible.
      it's a hair minty for my taste, which is the only reason this gets four stars and not five - i usually prefer my skincare products to have very little odor.

      this is my 2nd product from fat face, i am a recent cleansing oil convert as of four months ago and i am pleased with everything i've gotten from you all so far. thanks!

    5. Amazing, Addictive, and Awesome!  star rating

      Posted by Liz on 19th Feb 2015

      I sort of don't want to tell people how much I love this because I want it ALL FOR ME!

      I am a self-proclaimed chapstick addict and nothing works as well as this fat stick to keep my lips super soft and moisturized! I use it primarily on my lips since I have other Fat Face goodies for the rest of my body.

      Seriously, do yourself a favor and buy this for yourself, your spouse, your friends, you won't regret it!

      My only wish is that they would make a mini version (typical lip balm sized) because I look slightly ridiculous pulling this bad boy out during meetings or in public. But if they don't, I'll live. It's that good!

    6. In LOVE with this all-purpose moisturizer  star rating

      Posted by Sarah E on 16th Feb 2015

      Seriously, I am in love. It goes on smoother than any chapstick I have ever used. The smell is nice and the peppermint makes it tingle. I have also used it on dry hands and loved it. I bought three and I am sure I will buy more soon so I have one in every purse, every coat pocket, my work drawer, and my car. LOVE this stuff.

    7. AMAZING  star rating

      Posted by Britney on 16th Feb 2015

      I only had my Fat Stick for 1 hour before my husband wanted his own! Since using the product, he has seen a major improvement on dry spots on his face and is super happy!


      Posted by KTNU2 on 12th Feb 2015

      I love this product so much! I want everything I own to smell like this, can y'all please consider making shampoo and conditioners.... body wash....?

      This is so versatile and amazing that $10 seems like you are actually doing us a favor. This has replaced every other lip balm, touch up face cream, and hand cream I used to keep at work. The ingredients list makes me want to buy 25 of these and give them to every one I know. Keep this in stock forever!

    9. LOVE LOVE  star rating

      Posted by Leigh on 9th Feb 2015

      I love this stuff! I seriously can't live without it!!

    10. Not yo momma's moisturizer- It's BETTER  star rating

      Posted by Amanda on 5th Feb 2015

      Holy flipping cow...Where the heck has this thing been all my life?!? I have Sensitive, combination skin w rosacea & cystic acne. This big ole Moisturizing wonder stick is the ONLY one that my face loves along with my elbows, hands (especially my fingertips which suffered horribly from cracking and bleeding because I change 100+ diapers/pull-ups a day...that's ALOT of hand washing)...and it's portable and smells amazing! Paleo friendly, Natural, amazing service, quality products... there just isn't anything like it...and BELIEVE ME, I know because I've tried EVERYTHING! Order it, love it!

    11. Instant Relief  star rating

      Posted by Janet Fitzpatrick on 5th Feb 2015

      My skin is crazy sensitive, and it randomly has redness, dryness, or a little bit of burning during the winter months. I try to sleep with a humidifier, buy sensitive skin products, etc. But the worst is I get really chapped lips. With all of the snow we've had and my need to be out multiple times shoveling, the savior has been the fat stick. it's instant relief before I go out and when I come in from the cold, snowy weather. It also smells so good, I ordered two more! My husband needs to try this too!

    12. So far so awesome  star rating

      Posted by Elisabeth on 5th Feb 2015

      This is the first product in years that has actually proven effective on my husband's dry skin. He has only used it for about a week, but the crusty knees and feet are healing quickly. THANK YOU!

    13. I carry this everywhere!  star rating

      Posted by Beeb on 3rd Feb 2015

      I ordered the Fat Stick as soon as I could. I use this in the morning to add a little healing fat to my face on any dry spots or any spots that need attention at all, sort of like a spot moisturizer. I also love it as a chapstick and around my nails in the winter it helps to keep my hands looking soft and healthy!

    14. Don't leave home without it!!  star rating

      Posted by Mel on 1st Feb 2015

      The Fat Stick is super moisturizing for my lips, hands & face. Such convenient packaging. The best flavor, which is kid approved! I'm always concerned what my kids and nieces are putting on their skin and with this product I worry less. Thank you for creating such an awesome product! I will be ordering more. Great price!

    15. hubs is now a believer  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 26th Jan 2015

      Fantastic for winter cracked fingertips and cracked cuticles! And a super smooth lip balm!

    16. Love it!  star rating

      Posted by Stephanie Cudo on 26th Jan 2015

      I bought two; one for on-the-go and another to keep at home. This thing is great, especially since it's been cold. Works as great smelling chapstick, and is wonderful when you don't have the time to moisturize with the face cream and body butta. :)

    17. So In LOOOOVE  star rating

      Posted by Lindsay M on 23rd Jan 2015

      My skin goes Haywire in winter turning into a horrible mess of dryness and flakes making everyday feel like I'm working with rubberbands for skin. I love winter sports as well and always end up with scabs on my face from wearing goggles that end up drying my skin out further. This Fat Stick has provided me the extra protection and moisture I need so that the elements and materials that my face is exposed to, don't end up sucking out the last bits of moisture I need to feel normal. So glad you made and I found this product. It is literally SAVING MY FACE

    18. Best Packaging !  star rating

      Posted by Conni Stock on 22nd Jan 2015

      Love the stick! Perfect on the go moisture! Thanks for putting this product out as I am able to introduce your product line with quick little happy gifts for friends . Win! Win!

    19. Why didn't I know about this sooner!  star rating

      Posted by Deanna on 22nd Jan 2015

      This "little" fat stick is awesome! I use it on my lips, my knuckles (they get dry here in the cold Canadian winter!) my husband loves it too because it's not super glossy and shiny, it gives your lips a healthy moisturized look and feel. The smell is so good too! I don't plan on ever being without this again! It's nice having great products that are good for you too!

    20. The greatest thing ever created!!  star rating

      Posted by Jasmina Nikodijevic on 22nd Jan 2015

      I love that this product . Not only have I been using it on my lips, I have been using it on dry cuticles and hands and its been working like a charm! Fat Stick is the literally the perfect winter companion! I have purchased one for my mom and sister and they love it as well.

    Showing reviews 1-20 of 26 | Next

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