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Cleansing Oil - Normal/Combination Skin 2oz.


    Looking for 4oz bottle? Buy Cleansing Oil - Normal/Combination Skin 4oz. here and save $4.


    Have you HEARD about the Oil Cleansing Method, but been afraid to try it??? Come on...give it a shot...I promise you won't be disappointed!!!

    OIL dissolves OIL, and that is a scientific FACT! With the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method), you wash away all of the icky, dirty oil on your face and replace it with clean, healthy oil!

    When you wash your face with traditional cleansers, you strip your skin of oils. This causes your cells to FREAK OUT and produce MORE OIL! So, by scrubbing your face in an effort to "get it clean", you may be causing more damage than you had originally intended.

    Please note that it may take a week or two for your skin to adjust to this new regimen, So Be Patient!

    All 3 of our Oil Cleansers are specifically formulated to balance your skin using all natural nourishing oils & essential oils.

    When you wash your face with traditional cleansers, you strip your skin of healthy oils. These healthy oils are essential for the balance of your skin. So, by scrubbing your face in an effort to "get it clean", you may be causing more damage than you had originally intended. With our Cleansing Oil, you wash away all of the icky, dirty oil on your face and replace it with clean, Healthy Oil!

    This product is made with 100% Organic Ingredients!

    Both our Cleansing Oil for Normal Skin and our Cleansing Oil for Dry Skin contain essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary and Lemongrass.

    Lavender essential oil is known for it's ability to tone, revitalize and heal skin problems including acne, oily skin, dry skin and sunburns. Rosemary oil can reduce inflammation of the skin, regulate oil secretions, and clear acne blemishes. It stimulates skin cell renewal and improves dry or mature skin & reduces lines and wrinkles. Lemongrass oil has an ability to increase blood circulation, therefore it helps to reduce inflammation.

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake bottle before use.

    Starting with a dry face, pour a silver-dollar sized pool of oil into the palm of your hand.
    Massage the oil all over your face. It's GREAT for removing eye makeup!
    Run a clean washcloth under VERY warm water and wring it out.
    Hold the warm washcloth over your face for about a minute, allowing the oil to penetrate your skin and work it's Magic!
    Wipe your face with the washcloth, cleaning away all dirt, makeup and remaining oil.
    Repeat steps 4-6 (as needed)

    Please note that it may take a week or two for your skin to adjust to this new regimen, So Be Patient!


    Castor Oil*, Olive Oil*, Apricol Kernel Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Macadamia Nut Oil*, Sesame Oil*, Vegetable Glycerine*, Tamanu Oil*, Argan Oil*, Essential Oils*.
    *Denotes an Organic Ingredient

    All of our essential oils are sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs.

    SHELF LIFE: 12 Months.

    AVAILABILITY: Usually ships within 2 days.

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    1. I'll never go back!  star rating

      Posted by Beeb on 3rd Feb 2015

      I just started oil cleansing less than a month ago. My face feels so healthy and FED! The texture of my skin has improved, the oil removes my makeup, my blackheads are essentially clearing themselves and the tone of my skin is brighter and clearer. It smells amazing and feels warm when i put it on!
      I already eat super well and I was so pleased to be able to add that kind of attention and regimen to my skin from the outside.

    2. Not for me  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 27th Jan 2015

      I want to start by saying that I love the fact that they use great ingredients and have amazing customer service!!! I really wanted to love this, but my face did not do well with it. The first few days were great and then my face went crazy. I thought this was just my skin purging, but it didn't seem to stop. I have it several weeks, but I didn't see any improvement. I had tons of little bumps and started getting cystic acne, something I haven't dealt with since I was a teen. My skin is really sensitive and reacts to a lot of things so I think for many people this will work great, just didn't work for me. I switched to a single oil for cleansing and my skin is so happy. I still love the company so can't wait to try some other products!

    3. life changing!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 8th Jan 2015

      I love that its really all natural and not just an advertisement scam. It leaves my skin soft and has helped eliminate the breakouts I used to get

    4. congestion  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 20th Dec 2014

      I really liked this product at first as it seemed to clean my face well and control my oil production...however, after using it for about two weeks I experienced a lot of congestion across my forehead and in random clogged pores where I normal do not get them on my cheeks :( better than my previous experiences with oil cleansing but i think it's just not for me

    5. Love it!  star rating

      Posted by Stacy T. on 18th Dec 2014

      I don't remember how I came across Fat Face, but I am so very glad I did! I LOVE all the products I have used! I really appreciate the cleansing oil- I love the smell and I love how smooth and silky it feels going on my skin. I have never used a face wash that leaves my skin actually feeling moisturized like this product! My skin has never looked better! And I swear my pores are the smallest they have ever been! I raved about Fat Face so much that a girlfriend even ordered up some! She is loving it too:)

    6. I am a Believer!  star rating

      Posted by Conni Stock on 16th Dec 2014

      Skeptical but curious. After receiving my secret purchase, I could not wait to try it. Well, I have tried it and truly need to stress the fact that I felt it would be ok for a little while. WELL... I was wrong! I will never be without it! I want everyone to use it and get rid of the soaps and cleansers that line all the shelves. FAT FACE needs to be a household name and product. My goal is that the products will be in the stores so I can run down to my favorite store on Main Street and pick up what I need. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to use your products. Wow... my life has been changed again. First Paleo now... Fat Face.

    7. Wonderful!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 26th Nov 2014

      Love this product. My skin feels fantasticc!

    8. Who would have thought?!  star rating

      Posted by Holly Haddad on 17th Nov 2014

      Wow - so a few weeks ago I purchased this cleansing oil. All my life I've done the name brand facial washes and then followed up with moisturizer. My skin was medium. Dry on my cheeks, oily in middle /forehead. I also used blotters all the time in the afternoon. I'm about three full weeks into using this amazing product and my skin is so much better! I've only had to use moisturizer in spots and my skin is SO MUCH SMOOTHER, and blackheads and imperfections are way less noticeable! I can't believe this face is mine! It also smells fabulous and is so easy to use! I will be ordering some as gifts this holiday season for sure!

    9. I'll Never Go Back!!  star rating

      Posted by Tara Quint on 27th Oct 2014

      I bought this cleansing oil because I was getting pretty sick of every other cleanser in the store. They left my face dry, I still had breakouts, it's like I wasn't even using a cleanser at all. I thought I'd try something new, so I started using FATface cleansing oil. I have been SO impressed with this product! Not only is my face cleaner right after use, but it stays clean throughout the day. I see fewer blemishes, better skin quality, and my skin isn't dry anymore either. I will never use a "normal" facial cleanser again... This stuff is amazing!

    10. Good product, little hard to clean off  star rating

      Posted by Angela on 25th Oct 2014

      I really like this product. The smell of the essential oils makes me feel like I'm getting a facial when I put it on. I only wish the oil was a little less thick, so it would be easier to get off. The consistency seems the same as straight extra virgin olive oil from the bottle. I tend to use it right before I go into the shower so that I could use the steam and running water from the shower to get it off. If I'm looking for something at night to quickly get my makeup off and go to bed, I tend to still reach for my wipes instead of going through the whole oil process. I've been using it for about a week now, and although I don't consider myself "prone" to breakouts, it doesn't appear to have clogged my pores or make me breakout which is what I was afraid of. The product is great to use in the morning, even without a moisturizer, to protect your face from getting dried out from the cold and wind.

    11. Seemed great at first....  star rating

      Posted by Stephanie on 17th Oct 2014

      The first few days the product seemed great. My skin felt smooth and clean although it didn't work well with wearing makeup. By day 10 my skin was covered in bumps and then I had the worst breakout I have ever had. I never even had this much acne when I was a teenager. I've had to stop using it. I was very hopeful this would be a great cleanser for me. I was enormously disappointed.

    12. Best products I've ever tried!!!  star rating

      Posted by Jamie on 16th Oct 2014

      Oh. My. Jesus. This is amazing!! I bought this with the Myrrhaculous face cream after wanting to try it for months! And wow! In the first week of purchasing I have fewer blackheads, no pimples, the patches of dry skin I had are gone, my skin looks younger, healthier, and is flowing. Even my husband noticed and commented on how great it looks. If you're on the fence, don't be. The products are well worth the money and you will not regret it!!'

    13. Amazing!!  star rating

      Posted by Morgana Langston on 15th Oct 2014

      I've suffered from acne since I was about 12 and I am now 26. I've been to the dermatologist countless times and tried every treatment for acne that has ever existed prescription or homeopathic. I saw this product on instagram and thought "oil cleansing... that's something I've never tried. What's the worst that could happen?" So I ordered the cleansing oil along with the moisturizing oil and tallow cream. I followed the directions to a T and waiting about 2 weeks to decide what I really thought of the product. My face is basically clear, and feels amazing. It is smooth, it looks nice, the redness is mostly gone. This product is amazing!! I just ordered some more of the cleansing oil and I am converted to oil cleansing for life!

    14. Great Product!  star rating

      Posted by monica anaya on 13th Oct 2014

      This product is still new to me but thus far i love it! Was a skeptic- oil cleaning my face? I'm glad i tried it. its only been about a week so far. I have pretty good skin already, thankfully, but it made it feel better almost immediately. It just looked healthier. Was a skeptic about once a day also because i'm so used to washing my face twice per day but its worked so far. I'm going to be placing an order soon for the face cream or face oil to see how using them both together feels! Oh and i love the smell oddly... it reminds me of getting a facial at a spa :)

    15. Finally! My skin isn't squeaky after washing  star rating

      Posted by Roseann on 9th Oct 2014

      Most cleansers I have tried have stripped my skin and made it squeaky, and I know that isn't the best option for it.
      This one, though, makes my skin feel wonderful.

      I use it at night, putting it on my face before jumping in the shower. Then I let it sit while I shower, cleaning it off last, but putting the washcloth under the spray until it is hot and letting it sit and then wiping the oil off. This takes off all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling wonderful. this is the only thing that has taken off all of my eye makeup without any scrubbing or additional product use.
      I think when I reorder, though, I will order the oil for oily skin, as I still have some issues with oil and breakouts while using this version.

    16. Excellent!  star rating

      Posted by Kelly on 2nd Oct 2014

      I love Oil Cleansing! I have been doing it for a year now, I wanted to try this product to see if it was different than the oil I have been using. I have been pleasantly surprised! Excellent ingredients and I look forward to my nightly cleansing routine. I haven't seen any dramatic results, but my skin wasn't a problem to begin with. I feel like this is the best preventative care I can give to my face at 30 years old.

    17. Love!  star rating

      Posted by Chrissy on 1st Oct 2014

      In December of last year, I started to live a paleo lifestyle and noticed a drastic change in my skin, however, I still suffered from uneven skin tone, dry oatches, and that awful acne below my cheekbones. Almost immediately after using the oil cleanser, my face felt awesome! My face didn't feel dry and stiff like it usually does after I cleanse. I have been using the cleaning oil for about a week now, and my skin has a glow to it. I have also noticed that my skin is not drowning in oil and grease like it used to be at the end of the wrk day. Basically, I love this product and I love the way it makes my skin look and and feel! I also lover knowing that I am using a product that aligns with my beliefs and lifestyle. Thank you FatFace, you are just what I was looking for and have made me a believer in the oil cleansing method! :-)

    18. So far, so good!  star rating

      Posted by Jessica on 29th Sep 2014

      I have acne prone skin & have tried absolutely everything (including a ton of prescription products). I have been using this exactly a week and while I have a few small pimples, my face is clear compared to what it normally is.
      More importantly...it feels good! It doesn't feel dry & tight like it does with so many conventional acne products. Thumbs up so far, fingers crossed for the future.

    19. So far, so good!  star rating

      Posted by Melissa on 24th Sep 2014

      I have only been using this product for almost two weeks. But, I see a big difference in my skin. The redness around my nose and chin are going away and my cystic acne cleared up a lot faster than it does with harsh chemicals. It's a little weird getting use to "washing" your face with oil but man does it look better! Going to order the moisturizing set today. Thanks!

    20. THE BEST  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 2nd Sep 2014

      Wow - where do I start? I've been dealing with acne for about 7 years now. After many prescription strength creams, gels, pills, "high end" products from well-known beauty stores, I have FINALLY found what my skin needed. Much to my surprise, my skin did not have an adjustment period to the cleansing oil. It immediately cleared up - even old blemishes. For the first time in my life, I have received compliments on my skins SANS make up!! I'm elated, and will be a repeat buyer for life. Thank you so much for helping me regain confidence in my natural skin, and for making such an awesome product! You rock :)

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